Communications and Technology

  • Audio/Video Ministry

    Coming soon.

  • Computer Lab Ministry

    Ministry Mission Statement

    The Mission of the Computer Lab Ministry is to provide computer instruction and assistance to members of the church and the community so they are prepared for the advancements in technology and can benefit from the advantages of computer proficiency. The Ministry also provides training to school-age students to help equip them with the necessary computer skills for successful completion of the required curriculum.


    Ministry Vision Statement

    The vision of the Ministry is to provide current instruction, up-to-date hardware and software for use by church members, students, and the public, and to use technology to enhance the accomplishments of other ministry's programs. The Ministry will continue to work with the Forsyth County Public Library, WinstonNet, and Habitat for Humanity in offering computer training to the general public.


    Recurring Ministry activities

    Weekly computer classes, one-on-one sessions as requested, and keyboard familiarization classes for students.


    Frequency of meetings (if applicable)

    Classes are held on Mondays, except during Camp Discovery in the summer; one-on-one sessions are held on Thursdays.