Helping Hands Directory

As followers of Jesus Christ, we always desire continual fellowship with our brothers and sisters.This is especially important during this period of personal and social isolation. We are also deeply committed to supporting and assisting one another as members of the body of Christ. This directory helps us as UMMBC members achieve both those goals.


Using several scriptural references as our guide, we are providing this directory to assist our members in getting acquainted with others within our congregation and knowing more about their specific gifts, knowledge, talents, and skills. Included in the directory are members who may also wish to donate their time, service, or talents with others in need. Jesus commands us to be kind, to help others, to serve one another in humility, to do good, and to help carry one another's burdens.


We hope this directory will help facilitate our efforts to be the church God has called and ordained us to be. It is compiled from self-reported information shared by our membership.Please feel free to use the information to connect with other members, share services and resources, and otherwise demonstrate the love of Christ to others. We are all members of one body, each with our own unique gifts. As members of the Stephen Ministry, we hope you will find this directory useful and that you will enjoy using it just as we have in preparing it for you.

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