Courageous Conversations - Future Sessions

Event Overview

Special thanks to our community partners: 

The Winston-Salem Chronicle; Entercom/97.1 QMG; and The Alpha Pi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Join Us For This Timely Series

This “Courageous Conversations Series” will engage community leaders and citizens in naming and discussing some of the common issues, concerns, and challenges we face. Our society is deeply divided along many lines but is also reckoning with perplexing issues and engaging in transformative action. This series was developed in response to the escalation of tragic incidents in which stereotypes, bias, and racism appeared to be common threads. These discussions aim to strengthen our collaboration across racial, gender, class, and other lines in ways that respect the dignity, rights, and freedoms of all. United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church is pleased to offer these conversations and gratefully acknowledges the support of various community partners and sponsors in this venture.

“Law, Order, and Justice” addresses interactions between citizens and law enforcement officers, the expectations and requirements of all parties during stops and encounters, and ways to ensure the preservation of life and liberty for all involved.

“Legal and Constitutional Rights” extends the conversation more broadly toward one’s rights as a citizen, application of the law, and how such issues as race, gender, class, etc., potentially impact legal decisions and outcomes. This panel of attorneys will clarify terms, procedures, and steps to take when an individual finds him/herself “at the other end of the law.”

In “Race – There Is No Neutral,” a team of faculty, activists, and other professionals will discuss how stereotypes, implicit bias, and racism impact our behavior and relationships. This session will focus on topics that we sometimes find difficult to discuss because of the perceived outcome.

In “Politics – Participation in the Political System,” a panel of concerned community and civic leaders will discuss the importance of political engagement at all levels of our democracy. Topics include voter registration, voting rights, voter suppression, running for elected office, and strategies for holding elected officials accountable. 

This series of courageous conversations reflects our church’s commitment to stewardship and service “Beyond the Sanctuary” as we bear witness to God’s love for the world. We are called to service, to be free, and to use our freedom to serve one another humbly in love and to fulfill the commandment to love our neighbor as we love ourselves (Galatians 5:13-14).